Sunday, 26 October 2008

Zara Phillips injured & horse dies after serious fall

A previous fall.
Picture courtesy of The Daily Mail.

Zara Phillips has suffered a serious fall, breaking her collarbone and losing her most prized horse, Tsunami II whilst competing at the 3 day Les Etoiles de Pau event in Pau near the French Pyrenees.

The Daily Mail quotes one of Zara's friends: ‘The horse hit the fence and broke its neck. Zara fell off and broke her collarbone. She was taken for professional medical treatment at a nearby hospital and is pretty drugged up with painkillers. She is in quite a lot of pain and is very upset about the death of Tsunami, who was one of her favourites.’

Although Tsunami II survived the fall it had broken a vertabrae in it's neck and had to be put down.

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