Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Princes William & Harry get 'savaged' by British media

Daily Star: Wills & Harry get savaged
for wasting taxpayers money.

You could be mistaken for thinking they were on a luxury holiday, such was the vitriolic attack on Princes William & Harry in Tuesday's Daily Star.

Aptly named writer Tom Savage runs with the growing frustration of ordinary folk over the current financial crisis and makes it into a "Us vs The Royals" battle. His article appropriately quotes anti-royalist Graham Smith said: “I’d question why taxpayers would have to pay anything to have to fund the trip. You’d think for the amounts they are raising for charity that they could have just donated the cash themselves.”

Forgetting that charity is not just about raising money but also about raising awareness, Misters Smith and Savage seemed to have missed the vital message currently being pushed by such major health organisations as WHO and UNICEF. Both organisations focus not only on health care but also on awareness of health issues such as AIDS. And it's AIDS awareness that both William and Harry earmarked as one of the most important reasons for undertaking the Enduro Africa Trek in the first place.

Seemingly pandering to the those who constantly criticise the Royal Family, Mr Savage then promotes a phone poll for readers to voice their opinion through. The phone poll asks: Are the royals a waste of money? We wonder who earns the 25p it takes to vote in the poll?

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