Sunday, 5 October 2008

Undeployable Prince Harry to be deployed

Prince Harry in Afghanistan.
Some tabloids are screaming that he's undeployable and should "Get over it" but today's edition of the Daily Express Sunday is singing a different tune.

Columnist Adam Helliker writes: "I can reveal that protracted negotiations between the Prince’s aides and the Chief of the General Staff, General Sir Richard Dannatt, have resulted in the decision to allow Harry to see active service again as a lieutenant with the Blues and Royals."

An officer that served with Harry in Afghanistan, told Mr Helliker: “He has finally won the argument that with one mission under his belt he has the experience and training to go back. As a full-time member of the Blues and Royals he would expect to be with his regiment when they return and that is what will now happen. He’s really keen to go but it will be a few months yet. His view is that despite all the obvious drawbacks because of his position he’s still a trained soldier who expects to face the same risks as the rest of his regiment. As an officer, how can he command respect from his troops if he doesn’t go through what they have to?”

Let's hope the media can keep this one a secret this time!

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