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Questions raised about Sentebale's finances

Just who is it helping?
Logo courtesy of Sentbale.

The Daily Mail has run a story questioning Sentebale's operations. With an intial title that makes the reader assume that Princes William & Harry are taking readers/donors for a "royal ride", writer Sue Reid then launches into an often scathing review of the charity Sentebale and the two Princes' involvement in the Enduro Trek.

What started off as a critical look at Princes William and Harry nightlife pursuits ends up being an attack on those who are now in charge of the charity. Ms Reid spends the first part of her article highlighting the cost of the regular nights out at Boujis and the like for Wills and Harry, the posh friends who are also on the trek, Clarence House's efforts to clean up both Princes public images (we're not sure what there is to clean up though) and then scoffs at Harry's genuine desire to help others through Sentebale.

The article as it appears in the Daily Mail.

She then launches an attack on the administration of Sentebale, accusing them of squandering money on themselves (cars etc) and holding back vital funds required to help those who need it most. Ms Reid quotes one charity worker who claims not to have received 'promised' help from the charity. Lydia Muso from the LCCU told Ms Reid: "Sentebale gave us money to help build the safe house a few years ago. We were grateful for that, but ever since we have had problems with his charity."

In response to this particular claim, Sentebale's spokesperson at Clarence House, Miguel Head said: "We are awaiting reassurances from the LCCU on their work plans before committing the funds." Such assurances are routinely sort by many NGO's around the world.

Even though Ms Reid herself points out, that Sentebale takes the view that 'money is committed only when assurances regarding accountability and transparency are received' she still maintains that the charity has failed these people. Fair enough if it is true. But the manner in which Ms Reid went about constructing her article leaves a lot to be desired don't you think?

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Duchesssammi said...

I do not believe that the boys would squander the money and that all the money taken in does go to the needy. That is just cruel to say that they would do that.

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