Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Kate Middleton breaking the law: New, damning pictures emerge!

Kate turning her car onto a road.
Picture courtesy of The Telegraph.

Even more new pictures have emerged on the photographic agencies that show Kate clearly turning her car onto a public road and driving whilst on her mobile phone.

The pictures are different from some of the others posted in The Sun as they are from a wider perspective and they show the front wheel is on an angle and the car is indeed moving. This smacks in the face of some defenders who alleged that Kate had pulled her car over and was talking on the phone by the side of the road. They based this on the 'fact' that the photographs provided by The Sun didn't show any 'movement' in the tyres. The ludicris nature of these claims were lost on them as they fumbled once again like a teenageer on a 1st date, huddled in the backseat of his parents car, in an effort to excuse Kate's illegal act.

Seeing as how the pics are "still" photographs one could find it reasonable that there would be no...er.. movement.

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