Sunday, 5 October 2008

Chelsy Davy undergoes dental surgery

Say "ahhh" Chelsy!

According to the Mail On Sunday, Chelsy Davy spent time in hospital due to wisdom teeth.

Columnist Katie Nicholl writes: "Chelsy was in so much pain medics decided to operate.She is on a diet of soup while she recovers and has excitedly told friends she cannot wait to see Harry and that their relationship is ‘stronger than ever’ - Zimbabwean Chelsy was checked into a London hospital last week and is making a speedy recovery." Excellent news!

Chelsy and those chompers.

Meanwhile, the article tells us that Harry has dashed back from Canada to come to Chelsy's rescue. The only thing wrong with that theory is that Harry had already returned to the UK and was seen attending the memorial service for his godfather, Gerald Ward.


hippie_cyndi said...

aaah, crazy I got a story for you ladies. I'll be back in few wks....miss ya already.

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