Monday, 13 October 2008

Kate Middleton: Pulitzer Prize in Waiting?

We're all waitin for Kate-in her new book!

Author and all round money grabbing grub Claudia Joseph has come up with a novel idea..literally. She's written a book on Kate Middleton aptly named "Kate: Princess in Waiting".

The book is expected to be full of the same sickly sweet dribble contained in most Tatler articles, considering the author is also a writer of the same. A quick read of the book's description on Amazon is enough to make your stomach turn: 'With her glossy dark hair, classic looks, natural appearance and cut-glass accent, Kate Middleton displays all the poise and breeding expected from the wife of the heir to the throne. Sophisticated beyond her years, as well as academically gifted, Kate has charmed William's louche circle of friends as well as the House of Windsor. Yet behind her polished veneer lies the extraordinary tale of an impoverished working-class family that overcame deprivation and adversity to rise to the upper echelons of society. Claudia Joseph has spoken to members of Kate's family and some of her close friends, who have provided an intriguing insight into the extraordinary journey she has made from the back streets of Southall to an apartment in the royal residence Clarence House. Drawing on exclusive interviews and containing many previously unpublished photographs, "Kate: Princess in Waiting" is an authoritative account of Kate Middleton's life so far.'

The fact that the author has comfirmed that members of Kate's closeknit family have spoken to her should be enough to raise a few eyebrows amongst royal courtiers and family members alike. But reading the blurb raises more questions about the research abilities of the writer. For one thing, Kate never lived in Southall. Her mother Carole did. Secondly Kate does not live at Clarence House. Thirdly, an old teacher of Kate's has confirmed in the past that Kate's not all that bright. Fourthly (is that even a word?), Kate could hardly be called natural considering she is single handedly keeping cosmetic companies in the black. Fifthly, could someone who lies spread eagle on the floor in a glittering top and in hotpants be considered displaying all the poise and breeding expected from the wife of the heir to the throne? Sixthly, Kate may have charmed Wills' friends but only because she has also reportedly dumped all of her own in the process.

Ah...more of a fiction than a biography me thinks! Those at the Royal Truth think you'd be better off saving the £16.99 (RRP) it costs to buy this pulp and spend it on a few drinks at the local pub.

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