Friday, 31 October 2008

Queen Sofia of Spain upsets a whole lot of people

She said whaaaaaaat !?!?!?
Picture courtesy of AFP.
Queen Sofia has been quoted during a rare interview for her official biography called 'The Queen, Close Up!'. The book was to be released to commemorate her 70th birthday but has instead caused a huge sensation.

On gay rights, Queen Sofia reportedly said: "I can understand, accept and respect people of a different sexual orientation but why do they feel proud about being gay? But you can't characterize this as marriage. Why do they get on floats and go out protesting? If everyone who wasn't gay did that, we'd have traffic chaos." Queen Sofia also spoke against abortion and euthanasia, as well as comment on the marriages of her children.

Even though a spokesperson for the Spanish Royal family has tried to hose down criticism of the Queen, the books author, journalist Pilar Urbano, stood by it's contents: ‘What the Queen said is what my book says’.

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