Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Kate Middleton is every lesbians dream lover

A tshirt that could be in Kate's wardrobe.
Gay dating website has conducted a poll of it's users on who they find sexy amongst the Royal Family and their hangers on and came up with some interesting findings.

The Daily Star reports: 'It discovered 23% of lesbians wanted to date Kate compared to the 18% who wanted to get close to Harry’s girl Chelsy Davy, 23. Although one in 10 declared they wanted to tackle both royals at once! More than a third said they would date Harry, 24, with William, 26, receiving just 23% of the vote in a new survey.'

A spokesman for gay-PARSHIP, Adrian Gillan, told The Daily Star: “This fraught romantic vote suggests divided royal loyalties. Indeed, many gay male singles are so torn they say they would need to date both our young princes, whose female love interests prove only slightly less of a queer pull.”

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