Thursday, 23 October 2008

Africa Trek: Wills & Harry play footy and give a helping hand

Dejected & perhaps still a little ill.

Picture courtesy of The Sun.

Princes William & Harry have been beaten in a game of football. During a rest day, the royal pair joined locals in Igxarho and lost 6-2.

Still looking a bit ill, both princes were outclassed by the local team and Wills even managed to take a few tumbles. One source told Duncan Larcombe from The Sun: “William looked very clumsy out there. Every time the ball came near him he either fell over or appeared frightened. Harry came on towards the end but things didn’t really improve much. I don’t think any of the village side realised they were playing a game against the president of the FA. If they had known perhaps the score-line would have been even more embarrassing.”

No helmet: Wills & other riders on a dirt road.
Picture courtesy of The Daily Star.

Before the game, Wills and Harry helped to paint a community building with other riders as well as provided a creche with essentials. Jenni Marsh from South Africa's The Herald Online wrote: 'On their rest day in Morgan‘s Bay the riders all embarked on a Touch Africa initiative during which they rehabilitated a dilapidated creche, building a jungle gym and stocking the Inchara Creche with blankets, mattresses and educational aids.'

After the game, they jumped on their bikes and sped off without helmets. Rebecca English from The Daily Mail told her readers that both princes were riding on a public road, perhaps trying to give the princes a bit of the negativity Middleton received recently for her law breaking "phone drive". But Duncan Larcombe revealed that the boys were riding on a dirt road (see picture above for proof of this).

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