Sunday, 19 October 2008

Wills & Kate wedding? Don't hold your breath says Dicki

Dicki Arbiter: Former Press Secretary to the Queen.
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Dicki Arbiter has warned against waiting for a royal wedding in the near future.

The former Press Secretary to the Queen and current Royal Commentator about town says that people shouldn't hold their breath when it comes to either Princes William or Harry marrying in the next few years.

Speaking on Australia's Weekend Sunrise program, Mr Arbiter said that Wills has now committed to his career and Harry has "lot's to do" before any wedding can take place. Whilst he agreed that Chelsy Davy has been received very well within royal circles he couldn't see Harry marrying in the near future. He also said that Prince William will not marry anytime soon in his opinion because he was very adamant during a spur of the moment interview in Klosters in 2005 that he wouldn't be ready until he was at least 28 or even 30 years old. He also said the fact that William has decided to have a long stint within the RAF was proof he was not planning to marry sooner rather than later.

Another royal commentator said that after the sham of Diana and Charles' marriage, Wills could not afford to marry the wrong woman and that he thought William would do his best not to "get it wrong".

Mr Arbiter said that both Princes were well aware of the spotlight cast upon their mother before and after she married the Prince of Wales and that neither would want the same thing to happen to their respective fiancées and wives.

As to the question of how the British public saw a royal wedding in the near future, Mr Arbiter said that not many ordinary folk were that concerned with the prospects of a Wills/Kate wedding. He said that other issues, such as the current financial crisis mattered more. Mr Arbiter was adamant that whilst many would happily watch and join in the festivities of any royal wedding, most were more concerned with their own issues and that this was reflected with the UK's media now focussing less and less on a marriage between William and Kate Middleton.

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