Friday, 17 October 2008

Prince Harry stays strong on the no smoke front

Prince Harry chews on a lollipop stick @ Whisky Mist.
Picture Courtesy of The Mirror.

He may have had better things to do other than smoke such as spending most of the night kissing Chelsy, but it seems Harry was also trying to do something far more useful. The Mirror's 3am girls revealed that Harry spent most of the night chewing on a lollipop stick, fighting the urge to smoke.

At one stage Harry was caught trying to inhale the air when a door was opened and in flooded cigarette smoke from outside. Harry told The Mirror's 3am girls: "What can I say, girls? I'm dying for a fag. I've been desperately trying to give up so I keep chewing this thing to stop me wanting one. I just can't stand on the street outside and light up like everyone else, so I have to make do with this."

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