Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Africa Trek: Wills & Harry get a tummy bug

An example of the loo Wills & Harry may be using.

Princes William & Harry have caught a stomach bug whilst trekking through eastern Africa. The princes are reportedly so sickly and are looking rather pallor, that at times they have to stop to answer the call of nature.

Duncie Larcombe from The Sun writes: 'They could not complete a full day’s ride on Monday and took the quickest route to the next checkpoint. The Princes risked being caught short as their motorcycle leathers and protective clothing are tricky to remove in a hurry.'

Fellow riders have also caught the bug, with one telling Mr Larcombe: “This is a nightmare for any rider. Not only do they have to cope with a very bumpy ride — but the outfits take a lot of effort to remove. They couldn’t risk having an accident and have had to take it very easy indeed.”

The moral of this rather sad and diarrheatic royal story is: Never drink the water!

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