Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Police confirm investigation of Kate Middleton

Kate, her car and oops...there it is...her mobile phone!
Picture Courtesy of Newspix.

Thames Valley Police have confirmed that they will investigate Kate Middleton for breaking the law when she allegedly used her mobile phone when driving on a public road.

A Thames Valley Police spokeswoman told the Daily Express: “I think it will be a case of seeing if we can get any evidence from the person who took the photo. We will always take a look at the facts to see if any offence has been committed. We will look at the photo and it may be that we write to her, giving her advice on her behaviour. It’s a bit early to say yet.”

Apparently Kate was not about to explain her actions with The Express' Royal Correspondent, Richard Palmer writing: 'Kate, who works for her parents’ mail order firm, refused to comment yesterday.'

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