Friday, 17 October 2008

"Kate who?": Prince William seen swapping phone numbers with Paris Hilton

Prince William has one night with..Paris.
Picture courtesy of The Mirror.

Prince William has been spotted swapping phone numbers with Paris Hilton. According to The Mirror, Paris was escorted by Guy Pelly, firstly to Christina Aguilera's table and was met with a frosty acknowledgement. Then Pelly took Paris to see his old buddy Prince William.

The Mirror article states: 'To ease the frosty atmosphere Guy led Paris to Wills’ table – a safe 30 yards away. There she got stuck into the free Moet and told us: “Don’t you love the Princes? They are so hot. I just had to say hi.”

But according to those nearby, Harry and initially Wills, were not as happy to see Paris. The Mirror says: 'Sadly, the feeling wasn’t mutual – at least not at first. Harry scarpered and when Wills returned he was not amused to find Paris holding court at his table. She tried to cosy up to him on the couch and he even turned his shoulder and started talking to a mystery blonde on his right. But when that girl went to the loo, Paris moved in.'

But Wills seemed to change his mind after a while and the heir to the throne and the heir to an absolute fortune seemed to become quite close. The Mirror insider continues: 'We were about to rush to William’s rescue, then we saw they were swapping phone numbers. Xtina who? And, more importantly, Kate who? Half an hour later we saw Paris apply more lipgloss, while asking Wills: “Does this look OK?” Not the best chat-up line, but it seemed to work. Wills was glued to her side or the rest of the night.'

It seems that it did indeed work as The Mirror continued: 'As the lights came on at 3.15am, the royal bodyguards tried to round up the Princes. But Wills was reluctant to go. “Make sure she [Paris] gets out of here OK,” he ordered one flunkey.'

Aw bless him!

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