Sunday, 19 October 2008

Paris Hilton & Prince William: A match made in tabloid heaven?

Paris Windsor says hello to her new subjects.

Yet another chapter in the tabloid saga that is 'When Paris met Prince William'. According to a new report by the 3am girls in the Sunday Mirror (remember them? The 3am girls were the same people who partied along with Wills & Harry at Whisky Mist last week), Paris Hilton has texted Wills to thank him for a great evening and invited him to the opening of her new venture in Las Vegas.

A source told the 3am girls: "Paris and Wills really hit it off in the club. William gave her his Blackberry number and email address after Paris thrust him hers.She then sent him a cheeky text the following day, basically saying ‘thanks for a super-fun evening’. Some of William’s mates saw it and have been taking the mick ever since.The royal set find the whole thing totally hilarious and have been encouraging him to go to Vegas for the opening of Paris’ latest venture. Although flattered by her attentions, William doesn’t think he can justify the jaunt - and has politely turned her down. But he’s definitely up for a few drinks the next time Paris is in town.”

Can you hear the wedding bells ringing?

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