Thursday, 23 October 2008

Prince Harry loses his cool at photographers

Harry's not a happy chappy.
Picture courtesy ofThe Sun .

Prince Harry has reportedly snapped at photographers during his day off whilst taking part in the Enduro Africa Trek. David MacGregor from the Daily Dispatch Online has reported that Harry became very upset with the photographers whilst helping out at a local creche.

Mr MacGregor wrote: 'With Prince Harry becoming visibly agitated with a small group of photographers staking out the creche, the princes’ bodyguards politely asked the media to back off. Promised another chance later, the media obliged.'

It seems Harry was out of sorts after telling another rider to do more. Mr MacGregor wrote: 'Urging another biker to put his back into the job, Prince Harry was overheard telling him to help carry two poles – “one in each hand” – instead of one.'

Perhaps Harry was just having a bad day but he reportedly lashed out at photographers again: 'On their way to a proper hiding by the township soccer wizards, Prince Harry snapped when he spotted photos being taken from the sideline. Angrily stomping over with a bodyguard, Prince Harry swore at the photographer and told him to leave.'

Someone should tell Harry that you catch more bees with honey...hang on..don't bees make honey?

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