Thursday, 9 October 2008

King of America "revealed"

George Washington: His ancestors could have been the
modern day American Royal Family. has revealed that an 82-year-old retired regional manager from San Antonio, Texas would be King of America today had it become a constitutional monarchy in 1789.

Set aside the fact that most American's call Elvis the King, the online genealogy company researched the lineage of George Washington, America's first President. Even though he had no direct decendents, half and full siblings were found and their ancestors pinpointed. Of the 8,000 people located, just 200 had the surname "Washington".

Through Washington's half and full brothers, four different lineages were found with all four leading ultimately to Paul Emery Washington, 82, of San Antonio, Texas. According to various reports, Paul Washington has a son called Bill and affectionately calls him "Prince William".

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