Saturday, 25 October 2008

Sympathy wanes for Japanese Crown Princess

Crown Princess Masako of Japan: Depressed?
Japan is buzzing with rumours that Crown Princess Masako is not pulling her weight. After withdrawing from the public eye in 2003 due to depression and anxiety, it seems the Princess has raised a few eyebrows with her behaviour.

Seen often dining at restaurants and attending school events with her daughter Princess Aiko, Masako's actions have caused many within the Palace walls to ask what exactly is wrong with her. It seems to them the princess has no interest in royal duties and would prefer a less public life.

An article in 'Will' magazine by right-wing academic and ardent royalist Professor Nishio, urged the Crown Prince & Princess to divorce: 'The members of the Imperial Family are the passengers of the ship named the Imperial System, but not its owners. If one individual gets seasick and cannot stay on board, then there is no alternative but to disembark.'

Will magazines editor, Tomoko Seo said: “Nishio has started a debate that people with common sense want to participate in. People are frustrated and angry with Masako for making many private outings, although she cannot carry out official duties.”

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