Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Prince William to the rescue of a biker damsel in distress

What the rescue may have looked like: "Oops...my bikini is stuck."
Prince William to the rescue!

It was by all acounts a superb and gentlemanly effort on Prince William's behalf when a fellow rider found themselves in a spot of bother during the Africa Trek yesterday. According to The Sun's 'royal insider' Duncie Larcombe, Wills spotted a female rider who was having trouble climbing an incline on her Honda trailbike and helped her.

Mr Larcombe writes: "She was struggling and started to fall behind as Wills, brother Harry and their team battled up a steep gorge. Gallant Wills stopped to help — riding her heavy trail bike to the peak for her before traipsing back for his own."

Wills is officially the Royal Truth's 'Hero 4 A Day' winner. Truly an officer and a gentleman.

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