Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Prince William visits the MoD ..and some other places with lots of letters

Prince William says "Howdy-doody" to the MoD & Sir Jock
(no that's not his pornstar name).
Picture courtesy of the RAF.

A few weeks ago Prince William spent some time visiting the MoD and PJHQ (don't ask..we don't know either). The future Sea/Air Rescuer spent a week familiarising himself with the "capability, organisation, equipment and ethos of Britain's Armed Forces" whatever that may mean.

Sporting a rather obvious comb-over (yes!), Wills was pictured (above) ordering his lunch (beef bourguignonne we believe), before writing a "Dear Kate, you're no longer needed" letter.

Ok, that may be stretching things just a little bit....

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