Saturday, 4 October 2008

Kate Middleton: The typical housewife?

Kate preparing the family meal.

A survey has revealed that most adolescent girls would prefer to be a housewife rather than an engineer. The poll of 506, 13-18 year-old girls conducted by New Outlooks in Science & Engineering, showed that the most popular careers for teenager girls were modelling and acting, closely followed by teaching, journalism and law.

The Daily Mail's Maysa Rawi writes: "Girls are put off because such careers "don't sound glamorous" and a similar number said they were "jobs for boys." In a world that seems to promote idleness, revered celebrities such as royal WAG Kate Middleton and heiress Paris Hilton send girls the message that you don't necessarily need a job to make millions or bag yourself a prince."

Kate Middleton a housewife?

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hippie_cyndi said...

that's a tragic stats, I wonder why?

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