Sunday, 5 October 2008

Kate Middleton to wait and wait and wait and wait....

Today's Mail on Sunday article: Yet more waiting for Waity!

She's gained the name of "Waity" Middleton because she's seemingly put her life on hold, waiting for a proposal from Prince William, but it looks like she'll have to wait a while longer yet.

According to Katie Nicholl from the Mail on Sunday, William may very well have another 7 years of RAFing to go through before he and Kate can settle down to a blissful onff marriage. Ms Nicholl writes: "The 26-year-old Prince, who wants to become a pilot with the RAF’s Search and Rescue Force, will be asked to commit to six years’ service on top of the 18 months he will spend training from January."

The more interesting angle to this latest article is how a source is maintaining that Prince William must be seen to be worthwhile to taxpayers. The source tells Ms Nicholl: ‘William still sees himself as very young and he’s not in any hurry to get married. Next year was being seriously considered for an engagement, but the chances are William will wait until he finishes his training. That’s when he and Kate will have a big decision to make. If he passes his training, then he has to commit to the RAF for six more years. He will have a choice of placements, but he will be away from London for much of the time and living in military accommodation. Kate will ultimately have to decide not only if she’s happy to wait, but if she’s happy to be a military wife. There’s no doubt William is putting his career first. The last time he did that was when he was training with the Blues and Royals, and that’s when they split. William’s decision to join the RAF caught everyone at the Palace by surprise. It has thrown all the planning for a 2009 wedding into chaos. He is very headstrong to the point of being pig-headed. When he feels he’s being pushed into something, he does the complete opposite. No one really knows what his plan is as far as marriage is concerned.’ Being pushed into marriage perhaps?

A friend of the pair then made conflicting statements to Ms Nicholl: ‘William assured Kate that she is the one and that they will marry but it may not be for a while, now that he is joining the RAF. After Mustique, Kate said they’d reached an understanding, and there was talk of an engagement announcement around Christmas. However that could all be revised now.’

So what's it going to be? Around Christmas or in 7 years time?

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