Sunday, 26 October 2008

The blonde posse who trekked with Prince William

Blonde Posse: Gentleman Wills has been
helping the girls out with their riding skills.
Pictures courtesy of Belga Pictures.

The Daily Star has outed one of 3 sisters who has formed a 'flirty' friendship with Prince William during the Enduro Africa Trek. The British tabloid reports: 'PRINCE William enjoyed flirting with a blonde babe on his charity bike ride. But his friendship with Amanda Johnson looks certain to be left out of a film covering his and Prince Harry’s South African adventure. But there were some moments William and Harry won’t want to be shown, including William’s flirty antics with biker Amanda.'

According to the Daily Star, Miss Johnson is doing the trek along with her 2 sisters, Rebecca & Kirsty, and was the girl who Prince William helped up a hill at the beginning of the adventure. The Daily Star reports: 'She was travelling with her two sisters and asked for the prince’s help to climb a steep bank. But after he’d pushed her to the top, she stalled the bike and ran straight back, knocking William off his feet. Later William and Amanda were spotted getting cosy on a ferry ride across the croc-infested Kei River.'

An onlooker told the Daily Star: “She was very embarrassed and apologised like mad but William smiled, dusted himself down and said he was fine. She was covered in dirt and dust like the rest of us but she’s a really pretty girl. Nobody else got a look in.”

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