Thursday, 16 October 2008

Wills, Chelsy, Bea & Eugenie's night out in London with Paris & Christina

Royal night out @ Whisky Mist: Prince William leaves.
Pictures courtesy of Colourpress.

Prince William, Chelsy and Princesses Bea & Eugenie have enjoyed a night out at London's trendy Whisky Mist nightclub. Joining the throng of royalty and celebrities was the ultimate socialite, Paris Hilton (below) and Christina Aguilera.

Paris Hilton arrives @ Whisky Mist.

Picture courtesy of Wenn.

Before they ventured to Whisky Mist, Princesses Beatrice & Eugenie dined with their mother at the Zuma Restaurant. Also there was the very beautiful-once-linked-romantically-to-Prince-William, Camilla Fayed (below).

Camilla Fayed: Once linked to Prince William.

Picture courtesy of Wenn.

According to the Daily Mail, both Prince Harry and Kate Middleton were not there but Chelsy Davy turned up with a gaggle of friends and was reportedly getting along well with Paris Hilton.

Chelsy Davy and pals.

Picture courtesy of Matrix Photos.

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