Friday, 22 August 2008

Barbie Kate & Ken Wills

Royal Truth mockup: How Kate & Wills may or may not have looked.

According to a report in ES Magazine, Wills (and you would think Kate as well) attended a themed party during their stay on Mustique. The party was held in a villa fragrantly called 'Frangipani'. With Wills and Kate's aristo social circle well known for their 'themed' parties (we all remember Kate's attempt at a naff 80's ski outfit - she could only keep half of it on), one wonders if this pair will ever grow up and start acting like adults? Barbie is an appropriate person for Kate to model herself upon, she is afterall, about as useful and just as plastic. Don't stand to close to the fire Waity.

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Qball said...

Wombat you should be writing for the daily mail

Wombat said...

I don't think so LMAO!

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