Friday, 15 August 2008

Lesotho pub owner ruins "No shirts for Prince Harry" campaign

Prince Harry almost shirtless - a Harryite favourite!

It was bound to happen sooner or later. Moving like a snowball down an icy hill so too was the growing campaign from Harryites everywhere to keep shirts off Prince Harry. But alas, a spanner - or more appropriately a shirt - has been thrown in the works.

Whilst visiting the Hop Inn in Lesotho, Harry was told he had to shout a round of drinks for his fellow soldiers. The hellacious Prince didn't have any money unfortunately and asked bar owner, Brian Sables if he could pay him back later (which he did).

This is where Harryites everywhere sobbed in ab-distress. It seems that whilst there, Harry was given a "Hop Inn" tshirt. Mr Sables said: “He was such a down to earth bloke.”

Such a down to earth bloke now with an extra shirt much to the chagrin of Harryites waiting for one of Harry's now famous shirtless pictures that we get every British summer.

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1 comment:

kaya said...

lol!!!!! thats my dad that gave him a shirt and it probably did not stop him going topless, if my dad didnt give him a shirt he wasnt exactly short of other shirts lol!!!!

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