Friday, 8 August 2008

Strange woman wants to "low bow" Prince Harry

That's no way to bow to HRH Hellaciousness (aka Harry).
Picture: Courtsey of The Sun.

There's been a bit in the British Press lately about people no longer curtsying the Queen and according to one UK television presenter, Prince Harry's the only royal worth bowing for.

Richard Kay from The Daily Mail reports: 'Loose Women presenter Carol McGiffin says she would curtsey to the Queen, but not to the minor royals. Asked on the ITV lunchtime show yesterday if she might make an exception for Prince Harry, the frisky 48-year-old former wife of DJ Chris Evans said: "I would not curtsey, but I might do quite a low bow - he's gorgeous."'

I can't say I blame the woman. Harry is incredibly hellacious and becoming more so as the years go by. But let's see if Chelsy finds this at all funny.

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