Thursday, 25 September 2008

ASDA shoppers wanna be just like S-Katie Waitie

S-Kate rolls on into her local ASDA.

It may just have been a convenient plug for their chain of shops, but ASDA is sprucking about how great Kate Middleton is for their business.

According to The Daily Star, ASDA's supply of rollerskates is "rolling" out the doors of their shops, with sales going up a staggering 400%. An Asda spokesman (who was actually a woman), Helen Heseltine, told The Daily Star: “Shoppers have been inspired by her roller girl laid-back look. “And they are keen to copy her toned, disco appearance.” That or they're clearly insane?

We all know what this means. There are 400% more people out there who are crazy enough to want to be like Kate Middleton. Copykates!

Roll on folks!

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