Friday, 1 August 2008

Kate Middleton: VIP or not?

Waity Katie exchanges her image for another free holiday.

Kate Middleton was hailed an "ordinary" person when she reportedly refused the invite of an upgrade to 1st class on her Barbados bound BA flight. After telling BA staff to "Call me Kate" her "normalness" doesn't seem to have lasted very long according to Richard Kay of the Daily Mail. He writes: 'SHE hates her nickname ‘Waity Katie’, so Prince William’s girlfriend Kate Middleton must have been refreshed when reports of her refusal to accept a first-class upgrade from British Airways reached home. Alas, Kate’s humility was not the whole story. For when she landed in Barbados on her way to a holiday with William, she left the economy flying hoi polloi behind. On leaving the plane to get a flight to Mustique, Kate was met by police who took her through immigration, customs and bag collection.'

According to Kay's source, it was then that Kate cast aside any claims of normality to receive the full VIP treatment. His source said: "She was taken to a VIP suite reserved for visiting dignitaries and then escorted to a waiting plane. She was treated like royalty."

It also seems that Kate's penchant for commercial deals in exchange for luxury holidays hasn't stopped. Kay reports: 'Meanwhile, I am told William and Kate will be the star turns at a party next week to mark the 40th anniversary of the Mustique resort being set up by Princess Margaret’s pal Lord Glenconner.'

It's nice to know that even the unemployed can get by.

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