Sunday, 10 August 2008

Can the tabloids get anything right about Kate Middleton & Prince William?

When is a honeymoon not a honeymoon?

We all know how the tabloid press can turn nothing at all into something and that's exactly what they've done with Kate Middleton & Prince William's luxury break away in Mustique. To the Mail On Sunday, it's a practice run for a real Honeymoon.

James and Pippa circled.

Picture courtesy of The Daily Star.

With every publication telling us how romantic the trip is, the pictures are revealing that it's also a family affair for Kate. Both Pippa and James can be seen in the boat with Wills watching Kate wakeboarding. Interesting for a honeymoon trial run don't you think?

The Mail On Sunday rips off The Sun's claim: 'It is the couple's first holiday together in two and a half years and has fuelled speculation of an engagement.' It's common knowledge that the pair were in Mustique together in May this year so where the writer, a one Ms Sharon Churcher, gets her information from is baffling to say the least. Perhaps she should stop reading The Sun.

Kate & Wills get animated.

Meanwhile the Daily Star Sunday gives us the scoop via Clive Goodman that Wills and Kate are to be immortalised on The Simpsons. No longer will Kate's skin be tinged orange (through over indulging in fake tan no doubt) as she will get a very fashionable yellow hue instead. Fortunately for Wills, he will get a hat to cover his baldspot.

Mick Jagger serenades Wills and Kate.

The Sunday Mirror tells us that Mick Jagger serenaded the young couple during a party for the 40th anniversary of the Mustique Company.

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