Saturday, 2 August 2008

Prince William on the move: New staff but no job?

How about a job at McDonalds?

Prince William maybe about to cut the apron strings between himself and his father. The heir to the heir is about to get his own office and brand new staff at St James Palace in a £1,000000 refurbishment that is set to make Wills more independent from the stuffy types who have in the past advised him. For a long time royal fans have called for Wills to get his own office because of the seemingly ineptness of Clarence House officials and now perhaps they may all breath a sigh of relief.

Although at 26 he's finally getting a bit of freedom from his father, it seems that Wills is not leaving the nest completely. He's set to remain in his Clarence House apartment that he shares with Prince Harry. And for the time being at least, this means any engagement to Kate Middleton may be on the back burner.

But is an office that is independent from Charles enough to help Wills find his feet? Amanda Platell from The Daily Mail thinks not. She writes: 'Wills must get a job or he'll end up like Charles.'

Again echoing the calls from royal fans, Amanda is concerned with the way Clarence House officials handle the young prince. She writes: 'The fault lies with the Palace spin doctors trying to improve the Prince's playboy image. Alas, their recent attempts have been beyond parody.' Then she continues: 'Soon, doubtless, we'll be told that Wills has earned the admiration of his SAS colleagues by taking part in some daring enterprise - the siege of Boujis, perhaps.'

With these growing fears of another "Charles", Amanda Platell at least has a solution: 'By all accounts, William is, in fact, an intelligent and likeable young man. What he desperately needs is a proper job - the very thing his self-pitying father never had.'

Also in her sights (appeasing some royalists) is the eternally jobless Kate Middleton: 'And while the Palace is at it, shouldn't they find proper employment for Kate Middleton, too, if she is to be a royal fixture? (On the evidence so far, the only difference between work-shy 'Waity' Katie and Camilla is about four decades and a lorry-load of Silk Cut.)'

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