Saturday, 9 August 2008

Kate Middleton's family revealed!

The wacky and wild Middletons.

Please don't panic but The Daily Mail has finally caught up with royal fans. In today's edition, Richard Kay and Geoffrey Levy have written an "exposé " piece on the "other" Middleton children, Pippa and James.

The article shows a picture (long known to royal fans) of Kate's little brother James, clad in a woman's dress at a party. It also shows Pippa Middleton strangely wrapped in toiletpaper but it's the claims about James that are most intriguing.

One claim about the 3rd and some would say least attractive Middleton child is that once Kate and Wills became a publicised item, James' mousy personality changed to that of a loud and over the top yahoo. Kay & Levy quote one of James' fellow former-Marlborough students: 'He noticeably became a bit posher and a lot louder. He'd always been a fairly quiet chap who nobody much noticed. But when his sister started being in the papers with Prince William, he seemed to take on a much louder and bolder persona - a bit arrogant, really. He loved the reflected glory of it all and played up to it. Outside his immediate circle of friends, no one there liked him much because of it.'

Dubbed by the 2 journalists as a "university dropout who abandoned his English Literature degree course at Edinburgh and declared that he wants to be an entrepreneur like his parents" James is reportedly upset that the paparazzi don't recognise him. He was even allegedly denied entry to Kate's favourite haunt, Boujis because security didn't know who he was.

Of Pippa, Kay & Levy are less damning to a point. Apart from repeating well known blurbs about her social aspirations, they quote a Middleton family friend: 'Pippa's more fun, more relaxed than Kate - and, frankly, she's also prettier. Kate was always quite jealous of Pippa. I sensed that she feared being eclipsed by her, because Pippa has more natural effervescence, is socially much more at ease and was always popular with everyone, especially James's friends.'

Enjoyably, Levy & Kay manage to throw in some discreet references to Kate's lack of employment and interestingly report that Kate is trying to use her position as the onff girlfriend of Prince William to her own advantage: 'But Pippa is at least working and earning her own living, while the Queen continues to observe with disapproval Kate's continued lack of a job. For her part, Kate has been trying to reinvent herself as a photographer, helping out at her parents' firm by taking pictures for their website of the cakes James has iced. Believing that her relationship with Prince William was bound to help, she has been canvassing top studio photographers with a view to being taken on as a trainee. Surprisingly, the Royal Family's huge influence cannot be made to stretch this far.' They then quote an unnamed source: 'One important photographer was listening well enough until she explained she wanted to do a four-day week and would have to be given leave whenever William was in town. He sent her away with a flea in her ear.'

The last time the picture of James in a dress (as well as other pictures) made a public appearence online, a few mysterious lurkers etc were recorded on an unnamed royal internet site including an IP that belonged to a certain children's party paraphernalia business. Let's see what happens this time.

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