Friday, 15 August 2008

Prince William's gone and ruined it for everyone

Prince William offers people a lift on his free Chinook.

It appears that Wills' time in the RAF is still haunting his popularity and overall public image. During his time as a Ft. Lt, Prince William was accused of using RAF aircraft for his own pleasure, having landed a helicopter in Kate Middleton's backyard, flying brother Harry to a stag party as well as at least 2 other un-needed flights here and there. He was also criticised for the apparent PR ploy when he "flew" the body of a dead soldier home from Afghanistan. Now his jaunts have cost fellow sailors and pilots the chance of a flypast honouring the return of the "Ark Royal" from an exercise in the US.

A leaked email reveals that the senior officers feared a flypast of a Harrier jet would cause unwanted criticisms in light of the William fiasco. A request for the flight was denied with this explanation: "With regard to the flypast, taking into account the recent coverage of Chinooks and Princes and na├»ve publicity stunts that waste taxpayers’ money, I would strongly advise that you do not do this. I do think it is a great story, but the fly-past at this stage has a serious chance of backfiring."

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