Friday, 1 August 2008

Prince William to have tea & biscuits with the SAS

During his last stint in the army, Wills learnt to point.

When is a stint not a stint but a visit? When you're Prince William and you're stints in each of the armed services have been met with a degree of cynacism. When he arrives back from his luxury break with Kate Middleton, Prince William will "visit" the SAS. This lastest stunt, sorry, visit will last 5 months and show Wills the most elite of fighting units in the British army.

A Clarence House official stressed that whilst William's visit is important he will not see any sort of combat or be involved in any type of operational activities. Well might you wonder why he's bothering with this visit but it seems that the heir to the heir of the British throne might find the experience enjoyable. A MoD source told the Daily Mail: "William won’t be joining the Special Forces in any hands-on role but we feel it is important that he learns more about them. They are a small but massively important part of the country’s defences and are currently serving in Iraq and Afghanistan to great effect. This is going to be an incredibly exciting experience for William. It’s real Boys’ Own stuff."

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