Saturday, 16 August 2008

Kate Middleton wins bronze in the tabloid stakes

Oops...Kate did it again.
Picture courtesy Big Pictures
To some she looked like a piece of over cooked beef jerky, but to the UK tabloid media she was as stunning as ever. Kate Middleton and Prince William have once again managed to cause a minor earthquake in tabloid circles by appearing outside Raffles on a night out.

The sunny Daily Express again focusses on Kate.

Not only was the heir to the heir worse for wear but his onff girlfriend was also looking a bit too unsteady on her feet as the pair left the very high profile London club at 4am in the morning. Kate managed to once again show us her knickers as she clumsily climbed into the backseat of Wills' car. This was reminiscent of the numerous knicker shots Kate either wittingly or unwittingly gave to the paparazzi last year during her break up with Wills.

But of course along with the usual jibes about Prince William's unsteadiness are the numerous references to the stunning Miss Middleton. A quick read of the comments sections for both the Daily Mail and The Sun show that the tabloids readers don't share the opinions of the writers, with most critical of Wills but more so of Middleton. The only tabloid that didn't seem to drip with sycophanticness (if there is such a word) was The Mirror, whose writer had a jolly good chuckle at the drunk pair.

Daily Star focusses on Kate's shiny legs.

At least this is heaven for the tabloids during the "silly season" of the year. It's when the stories dry up because many of the celebs and journalists take off on holiday overseas. Now that Kate is back in the UK perhaps the media will have someone to entertain them?

The Mirror has a bit of a joke!

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