Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Isaa oops for Kate Middleton

Kate: Jobless and potless.
Ouch! Kate Middleton's feelings must be hurt by the current crop of criticisms and sharp commentary from the UK media. Today the Daily Mirror's razor tongued (but very astute) columnist, Sue Carroll writes about Kate's "deal" with Issa. She writes: 'Prince William's girlfriend "please call me Kate" Middleton has been described by BA staff as down-to-earth for refusing a first-class upgrade on a flight to Barbados where she'll enjoy her second Caribbean holiday with William this year. Very noble. Though travelling club class isn't exactly slumming it in economy with the hoi polloi. One suspects this good news came along just in time to bury the not-so-great news that Kate's wardrobe is supplemented by "bag-loads" of frocks delivered to her door by Brazilian designer Daniella Issa Helayel. '

Ms Carroll is one of those journalists who calls a spade a spade and never takes any prisoners in a vain effort of being "unbiased". If she has something to say she just tells you straight. So it's refreshing to read her next few lines about Kate's Issa freebies and how uninspiring she finds the designer label: 'I can't say I blame a girl for accepting a freebie, especially when she's jobless and potless. But why Issa? Maybe Kate likes her frocks the way she likes her men, classic but without any obvious flair. When Princess Diana emerged in a new creation, fashion manufacturers would rush out a replica the very next day. It helped the industry and pleased the public. But are we all screaming for an Issa? Hate to say it but there's not an awful lot to copy in Brazil. '

The Daily Mail article comes hot on the heels of 3 other comment pieces in The Observer, The Independent On Sunday and The Sunday Times (the more reasonable publications many would argue). The Observer "A Good Week For/A Bad Week For" lists it as being a good week for Kate but with a definate sting in the tail: 'A good week for Kate Middleton. The princess-in-waiting turned down an upgrade to first class on her way to meet Prince William, we learnt last week. Good girl. Better still that the press was tipped off. 'Humble,' as the Sun says.'

Next to the Independent on Sunday's Matthew Bell whose barbed comment mirrors the sentiments of royal fans: 'Kate Middleton has joined Prince William in Mustique for a holiday following his drugs-busting exploits with the Navy. One newspaper reported that on the flight from London to Barbados, Kate refused an upgrade to first class, and insisted the stewards call her Kate. This is odd – I'm told that for some time, Kate has been asking friends to address her by her full name, Catherine. Catherine is thought more fitting for a princess. And, in the meantime, it has the advantage of not rhyming with 'wait', which unkind folk say is all she does now.'

Lastly, The Sunday Times' Shane Watson whose article on Sienna Miller and her latest failed romance showed that more than one person is "eh" about this onff relationship: 'He [Balthazar Getty] is the one with the four children and the wife and everything to lose — but there is only one home-wrecker in this scenario and it’s that slut Sienna. Just as Angelina was the downfall of poor, hapless Brad, and the girl who comes between Prince William and Kate (here’s hoping) will be branded a near-engagement-wrecker. '

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