Friday, 1 August 2008

Stay boring Kate Middleton

Kate is no Diana.

It's not often that journalists write something that puts the whole Kate-drama into perspective but Viv Groskop from The Evening Standard does just that in her opinion piece called: Sorry, plain Kate is no Diana.

Scoffing at Kate's inclusion in the latest Vanity Fair Best Dressed list, Ms Groskop (like most of us) was baffled at how anyone could compare Kate to the world's fashion elite. But it seems that this is one journalist who shares the growing opinions of a lot of royal fans. Groskop writes: "In this company she is a Sloane way out of her depth. She always looks so incredibly boring — and is the world’s worst advert for Jigsaw. Her inclusion on the list smacks of a blind desperation to unearth a new Diana-esque style icon, regardless of all sartorial evidence to the contrary."

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