Friday, 1 August 2008

Isabella Calthorpe talks about Prince William and Kate Middleton

Isabella Calthorpe caught Prince William's eye in 2005.

She was the girl that held Prince William's attention at a summer ball and in the process he totally ignored ONFF girlfriend Kate. Aristocrat, actress, dancer and singer Isabella Calthorpe has spoken to ES Magazine about her life, love with Sam Branson and Prince William.

When asked by ES Magazine's Marianne Macdonald about the tabloid reports concerning her friendship with Prince William, Isabella said: "That was just... um... a bit weird, and a bit unsettling." Isbella confirmed that she only met Wills after the pair had attended university in Scotland and said that they meet up regularly: "Um... yes. No, I did, and he's a friend."

During the summer of 2005 Prince William reportedly met Isabella at a charity ball. It was said at the time that Wills left Kate to sit like a wallflower all night whilst he danced, chatted and laughed the night away with Miss Calthorpe. Some other reports allege that Wills was seen passionately kissing Isabella at a nightclub a few weeks later. Although this history appears to exists between them, it seems that all is well between Wills'ladies. When asked if she had met Kate, Isabella said diplomatically: "Yes, I have met her once and she's lovely."

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