Saturday, 9 August 2008

Kate Middleton & Prince William pictured on holidays

The Sun's scoop on the Wait-cation in Mustique.

Kate Middleton and Prince William have been photographed holidaying in Mustique. The Sun newspaper has scooped many others by obtaining pictures of the pair on a boat. Rumours had spread during their earlier trip to Mustique that cameras are not allowed and that authorities on the island heavily protect the water's surrounding it so as to ensure the privacy of the islands inhabitants. But it seems these were the mumblings of misinformed internet pranksters because The Sun now shows 4 new pictures of the couple having fun on a boat.

The Sun's article was bizzarely short and it's interesting to note that even with 3 different journalists penning the blurb they still managed to get a simple fact wrong. The Sun states: "A royal insider said: “It’s the first time they have been seen on summer holiday for 2½ years." It was plainly wrong because over the past 2½ years Wills & Kate have been pictured taking no less than 3 summer breaks together as a couple (August/September 2006 - Ibiza, August 2007 - Seyschelles and May 2008 - Mustique).

Meanwhile over the last 2½ years Kate has reportedly managed to take 22 breaks away in various locations. That's an average of 1 trip away almost every 6 weeks. One rather witty Royal Truth member dubbed Kate's numerous holidays as "Wait-cations". It's sure to stick from now on!

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