Monday, 14 July 2008

Who's a popular boy then? Why it's Prince Harry of course

It's usually the case that Prince Harry is found within the pages of the UK's tabloids for all the wrong reasons. But this week the hellacious Prince has hit the headlines and there's no alcohol or nightclub byline anywhere to be seen.

Britain's Holiday Inn conducted a poll of over 7,000 people on the "50 things we love most about Britain." Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and the Royal Family came in at number 2 and 10 respectively with Prince Harry being the only other individual member to be included at number 44. Other favourites were: 1. Fish and Chips 2. The Queen 3. Old fashioned pubs 4. Sunday roast 5. Red phone boxes 6. Big Ben 7.Cream teas 8. The Beatles 9. The Pound 10. The Royal family 11. Buckingham Palace 12. Shakespeare 13. Black cabs 14. NHS 15. James Bond 16. Red Routemaster buses 17. Cheddar Cheese 18. The Houses of Parliament 19. Manchester United 20. Ant and Dec 21. Stephen Fry 22. Cornish Pasties 23. Monty Python 24. The Tower of London 25. Aston Martin 26. BBC 27. Stonehenge 28. Cricket 29. Wimbledon 30. Glastonbury 31. Camden Market 32. Blackpool 33. Mini Coopers 34. J K Rowling 35. Edinburgh Festival 36. Scrumpy Cider 37. Concorde 38. Yorkshire Puddings 39. The Queen's English 40. Real ale 41. Pimms 42. Jaguar E-type 43. David Bowie 44. Prince Harry 45. Harrods 46.Ice cream vans 47. The Red Arrows 48. Margaret Thatcher 49. Covent Garden 50. Morris Dancers

In another positive, Harry also made the OK! celebrity charts, coming in 4th in the most talked about celebrities for the week. Found in The Daily Express, Harry is listed for his current trip to Lesotho with fellow soldiers to build special facilities for locals with disabilities. The others listed were: 1. Ronnie Wood. 2. Madonna & Guy Ritchie. 3. Lily Allen. 4. Prince Harry. 5. Pamela Anderson. 6. Amy Winehouse. 7. Michael Jackson. 8. Ricky Hatton. 9. Fernando Torres. 10. Wayne Rooney.

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