Monday, 28 July 2008

Princess Plastic Fantastic Mary

Mary: Princess Try Hard

Princess Mary has been called try hard, plastic and controlled in a new book written by Dane Trine Villemann, a former journalist for Billedbladet and Ekstrabladet. The Weekend Australian's "Magazine" has published an excerpt of the book, 1015 København K: Et kærligt og kritisk portræt af Kongehuset (1015 Copenhagen K: Mary's Dysfunctional In-Laws). It's a look at the royal family of Denmark and the woman who'll one day be Queen.

Far from a glowing testimony of Mary's time as a princess, Villemann calls upon the stories of those behind the scenes who know Mary, Frederik and the Danish royal family best. One source said of Mary: "She seems so controlled all the time. You sense a fine human being, a decent person, but she never dares let go. She sits there almost forced, and holds back all the things she thinks she is not allowed to express."

Another says: "Mary is far more difficult to get close to. It can be hard to establish contact with her, even when you are face to face, but as soon as there is a crowd, she is on. It seems she is trying so hard to be perfect that she loses herself. Perhaps she thinks this is how a princess should be or perhaps she is still insecure, despite all the training she has received in royal ettiquette. She is hiding behind that princess facade of hers."

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