Sunday, 27 July 2008

Sunday Kate Middleton Tab-update

Kate & Pippa.

When it doesn't rain sycophantic Kate drivel it pours. Firstly the Sunday Express Royal Editor Camilla Tominey had a 2 prong approach. She highlighted the waiting game being played by Kate Middleton's little sister, Pippa. Much in the same way the Boleyn girls manipulated their way into the royal court hundreds of years ago, it seems Pippa may be very much like the "Anne" to Kate's "Mary". Tominey writes: 'Pippa's social ambitions, said to be even grander than Kate's, have not gone unnoticed.' She continues: 'Her [Pippa] shrewdest move has been to ingratiate herself in William's set, for what better husband could there be for the sister of a future Queen than someone as equally trusted in the future King's inner circle?'

Ms Tominey, who once wrote that she had called Kate at home to question her, also has the obligatory inner royal source to quote: "Like Kate, Pippa does detached demureness to a tee. She doesn't need to do any running in those sorts of social situations. People come to her because they know how important it is to keep her on side. She's far more outgoing than Kate, whose niceness can make her seem quite dull at times. Pippa definately seems on a mission to marry as well as her older sister. "

Whilst not that hard to read, the next story Camilla Tominey wrote was more dripping with Kateness to go along with the pictures of Kate moving boxes. Ms Tominey tries hard to convince us that far from objecting to Kate's lack of employment, HM was ok with it all. Tominey writes: "It has been wrongly reported that the Queen would rather Kate had a job. In fact, she would rather William's girlfriend stayed out of the limelight." Can't Kate have a job and stay out of the limelight Ms Tominey?

The term "muck" to describe "Kate" and "work" again pops up for the 2nd time this week, the Royal Editor for the Express writes: 'Prince William's long-term girlfriend was happy to muck in, heaving cardboard boxes at the headquarters of the Middletons' multi-million-pound empire in Reading.' Is Kate that thin and weak that simple cardboard boxes must be heaved? How about cardboard boxes full of Party Pieces craphernalia?

World exclusive! Not!

Now we turn our attentions to the Daily Star. This little gem of a tabloid manages to squeeze in a world Royal exclusive between the tits out picture on Page 3 and the Big Brother sexfest further on. Managing to scoop every other known media outlet in the world, the Daily Star tells us that next year there is to be a special public holiday to celebrate the nuptials of Wills and Kate. Sound familiar?

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