Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Kate Middleton jets off on her 9th holiday in 12 months

You poor people have to work..neerneerneer!

Now the pictures make sense. Kate's exhibition of "working" at her parents family business, Party Pieces seems to have been all for show. On Monday, Kate jetted off on her 9th holiday in 12 months. Her destination was reportedly the Caribbean and to her naval/pilot/soldier/prince ONFF boyfriend, William.

Much in the same way a heroine in an old Hollywood movie rushes into the arms of her man who's been to a battle on some foreign shore, the tabloid media are sprucking about Kate's mercy dash to William's side for a little bit of something to heal the wounds inflicted on them by the tyranny of distance. Ok, that was a pretty pathetic attempt at tabloid writing but it gives you an idea of what we the public are being forced to swallow about these 2.

Wills is about to end his stint on HMS Iron Duke and on Friday he'll jet off to meet Kate in Mustique. Royal sources are careful to add that Wills is paying for his airfares to and from the Caribbean. Thanks for that chaps! But one must wonder, with Kate's record of commercial deals (I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine) she wholeheartedly undertook with Jigsaw, which company's villa is she using this time? Perhaps the Middleton's family business has been that uplifted by Kate's short, but well publicised few days of "working" that they've earnt more than enough to pay for her luxury villa?

No doubt with the copious "love in the sun" stories will come the obligatory engagement speculation. You can call us cynical if you wish.

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