Friday, 25 July 2008

Kate Middleton & a story about nothing (except a few boxes)

Kate sorting out her life?
Picture from Bruno Press.

Kate Middleton has been photographed carrying boxes out of her parents Party Pieces business. Could she be finally ..gasp.. working? Now the Kate apoligists will go into a spin, sticking out their tongues in a defiant "I told you so!". The series of photos, courtesy of Bruno Press show Kate and 2 unidentified women moving boxes and sorting through items at the Party Pieces HQ in West Berkshire.

Raspberries aside, the pictures don't seem to really point to much on close examination. Sure she's walking, carrying boxes, scrummaging through boxes, looking at her hands in a disgust (perhaps that last manicure got ruined by all that "work"?). But what does it exactly prove? Not much other than Kate was moving boxes. It could be work or it could be explained by the mysterious presence of earth moving equipment in 2 photographs taken of Kate on July 2. Could the Middleton's be having a clean out? Could they be moving or extending?

Party Pieces, Childs Court Farm, Ashampstead Common, West Berkshire.

Picture from Google Earth.

A quick look at the local building applications doesn't show anything for the Party Pieces location (Childs Court Farm, Ashampstead Common, Reading, West Berkshire) and any construction work in the area is taking place a long way off. But if there is a major redevelopment of Party Pieces the local council of West Berkshire isn't making it public. According to their website some applications are not publicised due to confidentiality reasons. If Carole Middleton, co-owner of Party Pieces is to believed, the business has become "the UK's leading children's party supplier". Perhaps the credit crunch has not affected their clients and business is booming?

Wasted manicure?
Picture from Bruno Press.

What does all of this mean? Nothing. Just a few wasted hours resulting in a big fat nothington. Makes one feel like they're living the life of Kate Middleton really.

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