Monday, 21 July 2008

Kate Middleton loses ground in the popularity stakes..again

It seems that as hard as she may try to gain back her dwindling popularity, people have long memories when it comes to Kate Middleton. Kate's (seemingly) carefully crafted public appearances at everything from polo matches with Wills to Nelson Mandela's concert maybe designed to show her in a more friendly Princess-like light. But is it working?

After quitting her job at Jigsaw to "be a photographer" for her family business, Middleton copped flak from ordinary people everywhere and more importantly HM the Queen. At a time when the general public is struggling under a mountain of credit, fuel and grocery issues, a 26 year-old who isn't working and enjoys the finer things in life without earning them just doesn't appeal to the masses. It seems that nice hair and a killer smile just isn't enough anymore. The goodwill Kate enjoyed for so long has well and truly disappeared to a trickle of fawning comments on diehard fan websites, with the tabloid media still reporting on Kate's "stunningness" every now and again. But now even the bastion of "real" news The Times, is joining in on the growing negativity directed at the eternally idle Kate Middleton.

The Sunday Times' "Going Up/Going Down" column each week tells us who's in and who's out of favour at the moment. Unfortunately for Kate she's listed in Going Down...and cuttingly so. Of Kate, The Sunday Times says: "KATE MIDDLETON No personality, no career, no dress sense, no life. Get it together, girl."

To top it all off, even the comments of the newspapers readership are mirroring those on internet sites about royalty. The Sunday Times comments were decidely cold on Kate Middleton, with a Dallas reader saying: "Maybe Wiliam will finally get the nerve to dump this hanger-on. She lacks style, personality,but she does always make herself available that's for sure." Another reader, this time from Manchester said: "I agree with what is said about Kate Middleton. Time she gave up her pursuit of bagging William. Sad really."

It's a shame the media haven't cottoned on that the public aren't as enamoured with Kate as they are.

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