Sunday, 27 July 2008

Prince William to undertake "King" training

Kingly training wheels for Wills.

According to reports today, Prince William is set to train as King for the next 2 years. After he finishes his stint in the Royal Navy, Prince William will undertake a series of training initiatives designed to help him understand and attain more knowledge of his future role as Monarch.

The Sunday Telegraph reports: 'As well as taking on a larger role as a senior representative of the Queen, and new charity work, William is to learn about government and the judiciary from the New Year. The Prince, who finishes his two-month stint in the Royal Navy on Friday, will gain experience with one of the big government departments, almost certainly the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.'

The News Of The World calls this training as Wills' "apprenticeship" with one royal aide saying: "You could say he'll be the first person to ever get an apprenticeship in Kingship."

His roles will reportedly include: Working within different government offices, taking lessons in the constitutional duties of a monarch, helping to run Royal estates (initially reported as the Great Windsor Park Estate, but NOTW is saying Sandringham), undertaking solo royal tours and helping to manage the Duchy of Cornwall.

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