Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Tabloid rescues Prince William from spliff-attack: Save the rasta dude!

Rasta boatman: Now you see him!

It was just an exercise designed to train sailors in how to rescue people during a hurricane, but it seems that some of the British tabloid press thought otherwise. So impressed were the likes of the Daily Mail and The Sun with Prince William's effort, they all acted like it was the real deal. It may have been far from it but all the same it was worthy training for a future King and current sailor. The real disaster seems to be one dealt by Britain's The Sun newspaper.

Rasta boatman: Now you don't!

In the paper version of their daily tabloid The Sun appears to have lost one of William's crew members, a rastafarian. The orignal picture (shown here from The Metro top above) shows the rasta at the rear of the boat. But The Sun omitted him via photoshop in the pictures paper debut (bottom above). But if you look carefully you'll see that he's still least his legs and part of his torso are. Strangely, The Sun chose not to use that picture in their online version of the newspaper.

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