Saturday, 26 July 2008

Pickpocket steals Prince Harry's phone

Prince Harry helping locals in Lesotho.

Prince Harry a group of fellow soldiers were enjoying a relaxing night in Butha Buthe, a small town of approximately 10,000 in Lesotho when a pickpocket struck, stealing the Prince's mobile phone. Luckily for Harry the phone was recovered 2 days later by authorities.

A source from the Lesotho Defence Force told the Daily Mail: ‘Harry was at a nightclub in a town called Butha Buthe when the thug stole his phone and ran away with it. When we eventually found the culprit it took quite some time to explain to him that he had stolen from the prince. To him Prince Harry was just one of those white guys. The prince was quite happy to have his phone recovered but he requested that the matter not be reported to the police. The only thing he was worried about were his contacts and not the phone itself.’

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