Saturday, 26 July 2008

Kate/Wills wedding public holiday rumour not true?

For Britain or for Kate & Wills?
FOX News entertainment reporter, Neil Sean is reporting that Gordon Brown is in talks with senior royal officials over a public holiday to be held during the middle of next year. He writes: "I hear that royal insiders are in the process of setting up a meeting with Prime Minister Gordon Brown regarding planning a national U.K. holiday around high summer next year. What could that mean? Only a royal wedding, of course." Hmm..not so fast Mr Sean.

The truth is Mr Brown is in talks with senior royal courtiers, government and public officials alike regarding a national public holiday in June 2009. But this holiday is not for a royal wedding. In actual fact, had Mr Sean and others reporting the same rumour bothered to do their research they would have found that the national public holiday being nutted out is in fact "British Day". The day has huge support in the UK, with over 88% of British people supporting a national holiday to celebrate being British.
The date for the new national holiday for the UK has not yet been announced. Much in the same way that the US has Independence Day, France Bastille Day, British Day will no doubt be a fun day for all.

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